Vegan CBD Gummy Domes (25 pieces per jar)

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Introducing our delicious Vegan CBD infused Gummy Domes. Each gummy dome contains 20mg of CBD and has a strong cannabis flavour. Typically, people use our gummy Domes to help take the edge off and enhance there mood, they taste delicious and they are sure to put a smile on your face. CBD gummy Domes can also be used alongside other products such as oil tinctures or sprays, if you wanted to try a combination of products. 

Please store in a cool dry place.


CBD Hemp Extract, Glucose, Sugar, water, Carrageenan kappa, Carrageenan iota, gellan gum high, gellan gum low, citric acid, sodium citrate, E202- sodium Sorbate, Flavouring, Orange, Lemon, Raspberry

Supplementary facts:

20mg CBD per dome 

Recommended usage:

Take 1-2 gummy Domes daily as needed, do not exceed 10 gummy domes per day.