E-Liquid Vape Additive (750mg CBD)

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Introducing our premium E-liquid CBD vape additive, simply mix into your favourite flavoured vape liquid to instantly transform any ordinary nicotine vape juice into a CBD enriched one. 

Who uses our E-Liquid CBD Vape Additive:

Typically, our E-liquid CBD Vape additive is used by those who still want to vape their nicotine E- juices but would like to top it up with some full spectrum CBD goodness without having to change chambers or empty out their current chamber.


Full spectrum hemp extract, propylene glycol.

How to use: 

Simply add 3-5 drops of the E-liquid CBD vape additive to your nicotine E-juice already held within your vape chamber. Do not put the CBD vape additive in the chamber on its own, as it may ruin your coils, it must be mixed with either a nicotine E-juice or one of our very own CBD E-Liquid juices.