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Product Description:

We have worked hard to produce the highest grade, strain specific plant derived terpene formulations currently available on the market. Our clients can now create their own bespoke CBD oil and e-liquid vape juice formulations using our all-natural terpene blends.

Our plant derived terpenes are extracted from plants other than cannabis and then formulated by our aromatic chemists to recreate an exact match of the chosen cannabis strains aromatic profile. We then add pure organic flavonoids to refine the final flavour to be an identical match to specific cannabis strains.

A particular benefit of purchasing one of our liquid terpenes is its longevity, as just 1 ml of our terpene blends goes a long way; 20-100ml of CBD oil or Vape juice can be completely transformed with just 1ml! They can be added to your full spectrum CBD oils and e-liquid vape juices to enhance the aroma and increase flavour.

Working in synergy, they will promote all the mind and body wellness benefits that our products bring. Our liquid terpenes are available in 6 tasty flavours; Pineapple Express, OG Kush, Watermelon OG, Grandaddy Purple, ACDC or Bluedream.

Who uses our liquid terpenes:

Typically, our liquid terpenes are used to mix into our e-liquid vape juices or full spectrum CBD oils in order to enhance the experience & relief one gets from using our products. Mixing the liquid terpenes into the e-liquid vape juices or CBD oils enhances the experience of the products and adds to their aroma.


Liquid terpenes.

How to use: 

Pour the liquid terpenes into your desired e-liquid vape juice or CBD oil as required;

1ml Terpene into 20ml Oil/Vape = 5% strength.

1/2ml Terpene into 10ml Oil/Vape = 5% Strength.

1/4ml Terpene into 10ml Oil/Vape = 2.5% Strength.

WARNING: Keep away from eyes and DO NOT consume in pure form. Liquid terpenes MUST be diluted before use.

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